About Us

SRS provides engineering, science, and construction services to deliver sustainable facility design and construction including the restoration of previously used sites for beneficial use.

Our vision is your vision—create safe, energy-efficient, easily maintainable, operationally reliable, and low life-cycle cost facilities that will usefully serve your mission for generations. Our services include:

  • RCRA compliance, facility investigations (RFI’s), comprehensive measures evaluations (CME’s), corrective measures design/implementation, including USTs and ASTs
  • CERCLA PA/SI’s, RI/FS’s, decision documents(RODs)/proposed plans, remedial designs/remedial actions, removal actions (EE/CAs,action memoranda), public participation, and Enforcement Support
  • Munitions Response Services: escort and avoidance, removal, disposal, recycling, QA, Safety, 3rd Party QA, consulting, and construction support
  • Operational Range Clearance: sustainability, revitalization, MPPEH management, and MDAS processing and recycling
  • Wetlands assessment and wetlands restoration design
  • Brownfields – Phase I & II ESAs, Policy Support, Training
  • Facility and asset inventory, evaluation, and assessment
  • Engineering design for site development, utility systems, and facilities
  • Engineering design for wastewater treatment and sewerage systems
  • Construction management, construction quality control, and construction oversight