Project Experience

HAZMAT Storage Locker Refurbishment

NAVFAC Midwest, Navy and Marine Corps Reserve Centers (MCRC), Nationwide

SRS is managing a $2.98M project to refurbish storage lockers at 20 Navy Bases nationwide. Under this contract, SRS is repairing, refurbishing, and repainting 74 hazardous material storage lockers, and certifying and testing all HVAC, fire suppression systems, and electrical systems after performing appropriate repairs. We are also extending or installing new electrical lines and new concrete pads.

Aboveground Storage Tank (AST) Removal

NAVFAC Midwest, Green Bay, WI

SRS performed a $30K AST removal for the MCRC located in Green Bay, WI. SRS prepared plans, emptied the residual contents of the tank, and removed and recycled the tank, ballads, and associated equipment. SRS also completed a site characterization and procured a clean closure of the tank system from the State of WI.

RI/FS, Arkla Terra Site

Thonotosassa, FL

SRS is leading the RI/FS activities at the Arkla Terra site including frequent routine coordination with the Remedial Program Manager regarding groundwater sampling of on-site and residential wells; evaluating the results of residential well samples for prospects of natural attenuation via groundwater modeling; evaluating if the ERH remedy has reduced the groundwater plume; and preparing the RI/FS Report, including performing human and ecological risk assessment.

Removal Assessment

Kokomo PCE RS Site, IN

SRS prepared a sampling and analysis plan and conducted subsurface soil sampling to characterize and evaluate PCE and TCE contamination. SRS used Multi RAE VOC/ CO/O2/Combustible Gas/H2S air monitoring equipment during sampling activities to support selection of the proper level of PPE and to protect samplers from contaminant exposure. SRS completed and submitted a draft Removal Assessment Report that included evaluation of contamination, exposure pathways, and the applicability of NCP criteria with respect to a potential removal action.