News & Announcements

SRS Awarded Southwest US Region HAZMAT Storage Locker Refurbishment Follow-on Contract

The NAVFAC Midwest awarded SRS a $3M follow-on contract to refurbish storage lockers at 16 Navy Bases. Under a previous contract, SRS successfully repaired, refurbished, and repainted 74 hazardous material storage lockers at 20 Navy Bases nationwide. SRS installed new concrete pads and electrical utilities at these bases and installed the refurbished lockers. This contract will include over 30 Hazmat storage lockers at 16 Navy Bases in the southwest region of the US.

Operational Range Clearance and Range Residue Removal Contract Awarded

The NAVFAC Southeast awarded SRS a $4M, 5-year, operational range clearance (ORC) and range residue removal contract. Services include ORC activities, transfer of residue to Range Holding Areas, range residue demilitarization (including certification and verification), recycling, and/or disposal of certified and verified residue to recycling centers or landfills. Mainly, SRS will support Navy Dare County Bombing Range, Pinecastle Range Complex (including Rodman Range), and SeaRay and McMullen Ranges. SRS, along with its subcontractors, bring EOD trained and experienced UXO project professionals to support this contract.

SRS Awarded a $2.7M Remedial Action at Vandenberg AFB, CA

SRS has been awarded a $2.7M project to provide excavation of soil contaminated with PCBs, metals, and possibly dioxins and furans at Site 13 at Vandenberg AFB, CA. The scope of this contract involves soil excavation of sand blast grit, soil sampling and testing, vegetation removal, and soil backfill. Soil contamination resulted from historic sandblast activities used in launch facility maintenance at Site 13 which contains former launch pads for Atlas rockets. Personnel in the SRS Santa Barbara, CA office are performing this year-long project.

SRS Awarded Site Security Enhancement Contract for the Alark Hard Chrome Superfund site for the USACE LA District

The USACE LA District contracted with SRS to repair and enhance site security at this former chrome plating facility in Riverside, CA. The scope involves decontamination, containerizing the investigation derived waste (IDW), profiling and proper IDW disposal, clearing and grubbing vegetation, repairing building windows and doors, repairing the plumbing system, and installing a new security fence.

SRS Awarded Environmental Contract for U.S. Fish and Wildlife

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service contracted with SRS to perform removal and abandonment of 136 monitoring wells, with depths varying from 20 feet to over 150 feet, as part of the NPL CERCLA response located at the Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge in southern Illinois. The scope includes proper well abandonment per state requirements, disposal of well casings, closing of the well, and state notifications.

SRS Awarded EPA Region 5 START IV NE Contract

SRS has been awarded a $7.6M prime contract from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 5 for the Superfund Technical Assessment and Response Team (START) IV Non-Emergency (NE). This is a 5-year contract and involves providing response, preparedness and prevention, assessment and inspection, technical support, oversight of hazardous waste/superfund sites, and data management in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Minnesota, Michigan, and Ohio.